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Collage: A Journal of Creative Expression

Welcome to Collage!

Welcome to Collage: A Journal of Creative Expression, where perspective and imagination from all areas of MTSU are showcased. We are a student-produced bi-annual magazine that promotes community and welcomes submissions by all students and alumni.

Since 1968, artistic creation in every form has graced the pages of our journal. Our student editorial staff reviews and accepts works for publication including poetry, prose, photography, art, audio, and videography. The possibilities are limitless. If you feel inspired to create, you have arrived. Welcome to the world of Collage.

Interested in submitting material for the next issue of Collage?
We are now accepting submissions for the Fall 2024 issue. 

Interested in being a part of the Collage staff? 

Collage reserves the right to make technical corrections on all submitted works. The materials published by Collage do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Collage staff, the University Honors College, or the Middle Tennessee State University student body, staff and administrators.

Robin E. Lee, Collage Advisor
MTSU Honors College Room 225
MTSU Honors College Room 224